Virtual Android Phone Emulator for Desktop PC

By | November 12, 2016


virtual android phone emulators can run android on your windows pc. this means you can try all of your favorite android apps without having a real android phone in your hands. running android apps on a desktop pc allows you to test apps without leaving your windows system. this software follows the same concept of virtual pc where you can run and install windows servers , linux operating systems and mac os. this software is called genymotion it allows you to emulate famous android phones on your pc. this means you can run a virtual samsung galaxy note 3 on your windows system.


virtual android emulators can provide you a better platform for gaming and many other app related features. this can be a better alternative for popular android emulating software bluestacks. app developers and programmers can make use of this software to test their products on different platforms. you should remember genymotion is free only for personal use. those who prefer to use this for their business should buy a license from genymotion. this virtual android phone emulator allows you to emulate virtual version of many famous phones like virtual google nexus , virtual htc evo , virtual htc one and virtual sony xperia. you are even allows to have your own custom phone within this software. we can say this is one of the best android emulators you can find in the market.



Features of Genymotion Virtual Android Phone Emulator 

  • Play android games on pc
  • test android apps on pc
  • emulate popular smart phones on your desktop
  • it has a cloud
  • virtual device sharing
  • availability of different android versions
  • compatibility with android sdk
  • being able to use your laptops webcam on your virtual android phone
  • gps support on virtual android
  • availability of different android browsers
  • add remove virtual android devices
  • test android apps on windows pc using a virtual android phone

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