Use Xender to Share files from Android with No Internet

By | March 28, 2016

xender file sharing app

Are you looking for a better way to share files and photos with your friends offline. Xender can transfer your files to your friends smart phone or pc with no internet or bluetooth. this android app can work offline without depending on internet. transferring files from Xender is faster than bluetooth because it can share files wireless via your wlan. this free file sharing tool is cross platform and you can make use of it to share and transfer files between android , iphone, pc, windows phone and many other devices.

Pc users can access files on their android phone by making xender an access point. xender can turn in to a wifi access point and a web server to transfer files in to your pc. you can access the files from your pc using a local ip address. the ip directs to your phone and you can access files from your web browser.

Traditional bluetooth based file transferring methods are  super slow compared to xender. this free file sharing app can share huge files within minutes.  Xender can be a good alternative for Airdroid , pushbullet , airmore and many other android based file transferring apps. people who prefer wifi transferring will love this free app over bluetooth transferring because this free android can transfer files from wifi with no internet connectivity. yes you heard it right! you can use Xender offline without internet.  this free app can transfer files android to android , android to pc , android to iphone , android to windows phone without any problem.

Advantages of Xender

  1. This is a Cross Platform File Transferring App
  2. File Transferring is faster than bluetooth
  3.  You dont need any usb cables because this app can transfer files wireless
  4.  This App can transfer any kind of file or document ( Eg:- photos, mp3 files, pdf, zip, etc)
  5. Xender can work without internet ( file transferring in your local network )
  6. Xender Can Transfer Files to Android , IOS , Windows and many other platforms

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