Take Panoramic Virtual Reality Photos From Google Cardboard Camera

By | April 20, 2016

google cardboard camera

Google Cardboard Camera can capture excellent panoramic shots with sound. you can view these photos interactively using a  Google Cardboard viewer with sound and pictures captured on the moment the photo is taken. Virtual Reality pictures are captured in 3d with excellent near and far positions. the viewer can view these photos in 3d just like he is part of that moment. this can be very useful to capture important moments in 3d and share with family. make use of this android app to capture birthday parties , wedding parties , holiday parties and family vacation in 3d

.google cardboard viewer

view google vr camera

cardboard camera

Features of Google Cardboard Camera

  • Capture Panoramic Photos in 3d with sound
  • You can Download Cardboard Camera Free From Google Play
  • You dont an account to use this Panoramic 3d photo capturing app
  • View Photos Captured by Google Cardboard Camera using Google Cardboard Viewer

Download Google Cardboard Camera App For Free From Google Play


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