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By | November 28, 2016


SVP allows you to watch videos on your windows desktop system with super quality. smooth video project uses frame interpolation technology to give you better quality in your videos. this can be installed in any windows system within secrond. movie lovers and anime fans will love to make use of this tool to watch their anime and movie shows in super quality. watching a video clip on svp installed pc is just like watching a video on tv or projector. things are pretty much natural when you can see it in a smoother way.

Smooth Video Project – SVP allows you to watch high quality HD videos and high quality on a system that has a slow cpu. this tool can accelerate your GPU and give you better picture quality. computer users with a low end cpu can use this software to watch movies in a smoother way. smooth video project can make most video players available in the internet perform well with its GPU acceleration. there are people who prefer to watch videos and movies in blueray quality SVP can make a low quality movie look better on screen with its smoothing technology.


Here is a simple example of frame interpolation. ( the same technology SVP uses to give you a smoother video experience )


the effects on SVP is strong and it give you an enjoyable experience when watching your favorite movie or animation on your desktop computer. here is a video example

SVP got a youtube extension that you can install to watch youtube videos in good quality. watching a svp enabled video is just like watching a television show on your tv. everything is smooth when it comes to svp.

here is a list of video players and their performance with svp.

SVP Smooth Video Project supports windows , linux and mac and it can increase the quality entertainment by giving you the best quality in video viewing. every computer user should have this tool installed in their pc to experience a different dimension in their video experience. svp smooth video player supports most video formats and works perfectly on any operating system

Features of SVP Smooth Video Project

  1. it can accelerate your GPU
  2. conversion of frame rate up to 60hz , 120hz and 144hz
  3. no ads
  4. supports most video players available in the market
  5. works an windows mac and linux
  6. supports many languages
  7. it has extensions for online videos
  8. give you a smoother video experience
  9. manual settings for different video profiles
  10. support for bd 3d videos , players depended on directshow and mpv players

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