Software to Check The Life Time of Hard Drive

By | December 12, 2016


we need to know our hard disks life time to check for how long we can use our hard drive. this info can be useful when you important data on your hard drive that you should backup. imagine having all of your important data on a dying hard disk ? crystal disk info is a small tool that can determine the life time of your hard drive by the power on time of your hard disk. people who buy old laptops can make use of this info to determine for how long the laptop have been used by the hdd usage of the laptop. this free software is an award winning software and it can do your task perfectly. checking your hard disks life time is really important in the long run. every hdd have a cycle time and many hard disks can survive for so many years. regular hdd drives are more vulnerable than ssd drives. ssd  hard drives works like a memory card, tradition hard drives stores completely different from solid state drives and you need to care it more than ssd.



Disk Info Tool can show you a collection of useful info about your hard disk health and its super easy to check for how many hours your hard disk have been used from the day of purchase. open disk info software and check the right side corner to see the power on count and power on hours of your hard drive, this free tool can show you your hard drive name connection type and many other important details.

Features of Disk Info Software

  • Check the life time of your hard disk
  • Check the Total Power on Time of your hard drive
  • Check The Total Power on Hours of your hard disk
  • Check Your Hard Drives Temperature
  • Check Hard Drives Health Status
  • Check Hard Dive Serial Number
  • Check Hard Drive RPM Rate (Rotation Rate)
  • Check Hard Drive Firmware
  • Check Read Error Rate , Spin up time, Power Cycle Count
  • Check Hard Drive Transfer Mode


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