Simple Tool to Make a Gif Based ScreenCast

By | April 3, 2016

screencast to gif software

So you decided to make a gif out of your screencast ? Recordit is a simple software with a clean interface that can create you screencast in gif within minutes. you dont need any pro skills to make gifs out of your screencasts using this tool. recordit can record your screencast and host it as a video in its sever and give a link to share on social media and instant messengers. you can use this link on your browser to share your screen cast video with your friends online. app developers can make use of recodits special api to integrate videos screen cast recorded by recordit.

Here is a Sample Recorded by Recordit:-

make a gif out of screencast

Recordit Screencast Software works on windows and mac with important options. this free screencast software can be accessed by right clicking on your task bar or windows start menu. You can record your screencast up to 5 minutes using recodit free version. this duration is more than enough to make a gif out of screencast.

record screencast

Recording a screencast using recordit is super easy. you just have to select the area you want to screencast and click on record button. once everything is recorded u can click on stop the recording by clicking on stop button. record it will automatically upload your screencast to its site and give you link to share with your friends once you’re done with it.

Download Recordit Fast Screencast for Windows

The Free Version of Recordit Allows you to record screencasts for 5 minutes. this time limit is good enough to make a gif file out of your screencast.

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