Save Text from Websites and Save Bookmarks Online

By | April 19, 2016

Save text quotes and bookmarks online

are you looking for a way to highlight important text from a website and save it online for further reference ? quotationr can help you to save your favorite highlighted text , quotes and bookmarks online in an easy way. you can use the chrome extension of quotationr to easily select and save text from your chrome browser. this tool is a good solution for those who looking for a simple tool to save text and bookmarks in a simple way. saving text to quotationr is super easy. you just have to select the paragraph you want and select save to quotationr on your right click menu. people who prefer to stay organized can add tags to their text while saving. tags will help them to find the matching article in few steps.

save text and bookmarks online

saving text to quotationr

bookmark links online

Bookmarking web urls on quotationr is super easy. you just have to right click quotationr plugin and click on bookmark this page. dont forget to mark as private when you save a bookmark. this option will make your bookmark completely private and only you will be able to access it.

Quotationr Chrome Extention

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