Run Skype with No Crash and No Stuck in Windows 10

By | December 19, 2016


Do you have a crashing skype ? it can be frustrating to see your favorite video call software skype getting stuck in windows 10. the reason for this is skype having compatibility issues. the traditional skype has issues with some windows 10 machines. the you might notice skype getting stuck in startup and crashing down on unexpected times.  it can be annoying to see your favorite voice over ip application getting stuck like this. some predict its the firewall and some put the blame on virus scanners. before you pocket out your money and time on expensive troubleshooting we suggest you to try this simple trick to make skype smooth again. this could be a compatibility issue. this is how you do it.


Follow These Simple Steps

  1. search for “run programs” in your windows 10 start menu
  2. select “run programs made for previous versions of windows”
  3. click next and select skype
  4. select try recommended settings
  5. test compatibility settings to the program ( make sure skype is open when you do this )
  6. and select save this settings for this program




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