Remote Control Your Computer with Android using Teamviewer

By | May 2, 2016

TeamViewer for Android

Do you know Teamviewer got an android version to remote control your desktop computer ? you can make use of teamviewers android app to have a remote desktop session with your pc. system administrators and network administrators used  laptops and client computers to control a remote host using teamviewer before the introduction of android. thanks to booming smart phone and tablet industry now we can control our desktop pc using a simple android app.  teamviewer  is used by more than 200 million computers world wide and it provides easy access to a remote system within minutes.  imagine controlling your office computer remotely and helping your office mate on technical problems. teamviewer makes it possible for you to provide remote tech support , remote control and remote file transfer using your android device.

remote desktop app

Why you should use teamviewer on your Android Device ? ( Tablet, Smat Phone, Phablet )

  1. Teamviwer mobile version provides you portability
  2. Control the remote system using your touch display
  3. Transfer files from your tablet to remote device
  4. Provide Voice Support
  5. Control by Touch and Motion Control
  6. High Security Standards

Download The Android Version of Teamviewer

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