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By | April 11, 2016

microsip voip soft phone

free voip soft phone

Are you tired of heavy software that consumes too much memory to make voip call ? microsip phone can deliver voip calls in good quality with the sip settings you set on it. this free portable lightweight voice over ip phone is small in size and it supports voice, video , H.264 , sip and many other protocols. this free sip software is compatible with audio codecs that can give you the best voice quality. video call lovers can get good video quality by video codecs to get the best video quality.

voip settings on sip phone

The memory usage of microsip is extremly low and it can work smooth on any windows system. configuring sip server settings on microsip takes only minutes.

sip settings

Why you should use Micro Sip voip software ?

  • its portable
  • its small in size
  • micosip voip soft phone is compatible with sip standards
  • supports most voip codecs
  • Multi Language Support
  • This Free Voip soft phone can handle video codecs
  • Multi Language Suppot
  • Works with windows desktop pc ,iphone, ipad, andorid and mac os
  • Compatible with windows 7 , Windows 10 and Windows XP

Download Microsip Free VOIP Soft Phone

Download Micro Sip Free Portable Version – ( File Size 5.5 MB , Ram Usage 10 to 20 MB )

Download Micro Sip Light Free Portable Version –

( File Size 2.9 MB, Ram Usage 5 to 10 MB , No Video Support )

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