Permanently Delete Data from your Hard Drive

By | May 4, 2016

eraser file delete software

Are you a person who is concerned about privacy ? do you know your files are not actually deleted when you delete it from your hard drive ? everytime you delete  from your hard drive the data still exists in your hard drive and its recoverable from data recovery softwares. so dont think your data is deleted permanantly when you press shift+delete key next time.

shedule eraser software

Erase is a deleting too that allows you to remove data permanently from your hard disk. deleting a file using eraser is much more powerful than deleting a file using your delete key. files deleted by eraser is not recoverable. this means most file recovery softwares cant undelete your deleted file from your hard drive. eraser uses a special technology to remove your files and it will be very hard to recover file deleted by eraser.

delete files using eraser

Features of Eraser Permanant File Deleting Tool

  • it works with windows operating system
  • it has a sheduler
  • it can delete files in a secure way
  • it supports many hard disk models¬†
  • eraser can remove files and folders
  • eraser is Free to Download

Download Eraser Free File Permanent File Delete Software

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