Parted Magic Hard disk Management Software

By | October 17, 2022

Download Parted Magic Disk Management software to Partition , Recover Data , Disk cloning , Benchmarking and Disk Erasing. This powerful hdd management software can be used on windows to recover your important files that got deleted in your operating system. You can use Rufus to install parted magic on windows and ether can be used to install parted magic disk recovery software on mac os. This hdd recovery software is so powerful and it can handle various file partition formats like windows ntfs, ext 1 2 3 , fat 32, etc

Parted Magic Free Version is a verison most users search online to recover their hdd or ssd. This HDD Management tool can be used for disk cloning to have a copy of your hard disk in another drive. The Cloning function of Parted Magic will allow you to clone a full disk in to a single partition. The best part is you can use this partition image to restore your files in any new hdd or sdd in a new computer. The clone file can be saved on a hard drive , external server or NAS system.

Parted Magic comes with built in network support. you can use the network manager tool of parted magic to setup wifi and lan connection within few easy steps. Those who like to browse internet can use the internal web browser to browse the web online. even though you think these things are not so important these tools can come in handy when you dont have access to windows due to partition problems.

Partitioning your hard disk using parted magic is one of the important things you can do using parted magic software. You can partition your hard disk in to different segments that has different file systems to install multiple operating systems within one single hard disk. this feature is good for those who want to install windows and another operating system like linux on a single hard drive.

Download Parted Magic Disk Management Software