Mi Band 2 Function Button App

By | December 14, 2016


Mi band 2 is a very useful wrist band and now you can add more functions to its func button using this unofficial mi band 2 func button app. this app can simply set different settings to your mi bands function button. connect your mi band to this app using bluetooth and set different functions to with simple steps. this android app for your function button allows you to add different functionalities for single tap , double tap and triple tap. you can even set different functions for different gestures you make with your hand when the mi band is on your wrist. music lovers can set settings for their music player using this app. this means they can start , pause and skip tracks using mi band after they configure their favorite music app using mi band 2 func buton app. there are so many settings you can set to your mi band 2 button using this tool and we are focusing only some of it here. setting time and vibration on your smart phone is another cool function you can do with this android app. this app allows you to reply to calls and send different commands to tasker on your phone. every mi band user should try this app to get the maximum out of their mi bands func button.



Features of Mi Band 2 Func Button App

  • set different functions for single tap, double tap and triple tap
  • enable and disable vibration mode on phone
  • pick up and cut calls
  • adjust the sound of your android device
  • being able to send different commands to tasker of your smart phone
  • play, stop , pause and skip tracks on android music player
  • etc

Mi band 2 func button app

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