Manage passwords for free between android chrome and windows using lastpass

By | November 6, 2016



do you know lastpass now allows you to manage and synchronize passwords between platform. this means now you dont have to pay a single cent to do a cross platform management. loyal members of lastpass have been waiting for free cross platform lastpass for so many years. this is a premium option that comes free from lastpass. using lastpass you can manage all of your passwords in one place. keeping your master password secured is really important when it comes to managing passwords using lastpass. having this premium password service free helps many android users to manage their apps and sites using lastpass for free. we can call this a freemium option because they’re giving us premium options on a free service. lastpass is one of the best password managers in the world.



Advantages of lastpass

  • sync passwords between any platform
  • manage passwords in one place
  • saves passwords in lastpass cloud and protect it from a master password
  • have unlimited password storage
  • save secure notes
  • fill forms automatically
  • generate complex passwords from its password generator
  • share passwords with another person in a secure way
  • support for 2 factor authentication

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