Manage and transfer files on Iphone with this free itunes alternative

By | October 25, 2016


Some iphone users love to use a free itunes alternative on their pc to transfer files. this gives them more freedom when it comes to copying, transferring and playing music on their system. copy trans manager is free software that you can do all of these things 100% free. yes you heard it correct. this software is 100% free to use and it can help you to manage, synchronize , play and load your iphone contets within minutes.


Copytrans  is a very good free alternative for itunes. the drag and drop function of this free software can give you the capability to drag and drop files in an easy way without having to manually select files one by one from a menu. you can even copy a whole folder from your windows explorer to this software if you want.


Features of free Copy Trans Manager Itunes Alternative

  • copy files to iphone , ipods and other apple devices
  • create playlists
  • remove tracks on your apple device
  • synchronize with iphones , ipods and other apple devices without using itunes
  • built in media player to play your music
  •  edit lyrics and id tags

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