Mac OS Ventura Version 13

By | October 4, 2022

Mac OS Ventura is a mac operating system most mac os users are waiting to install. This feature rich os comes with stage manager , improved search , enhanced photo search and a new search design. Mac OS Ventura users will see improvement on other apps like facetime , system settings design etc.

Do you know you can use your iphone as a camera in mac os ventura ? All you need to do is bring your iphone closer to your device that has mac os ventura and it will automatically use your iphone camera as a webcam wirelessly. This feature can be very useful for most mac os users.

Improved search , improved mail management and ability to undo sent mails is a good feature you get in mac os ventura. even imessages on mac os will allow you to edit and unsend sent messages. Facetime users will have the option to transfer facetime calls from one mac device to another.

Who said mac os is not for gamers ? mac os ventura will give you accelerated performance and fast loading time on your mac device. Features like share play will allow you to connect and play multiplayer games in a convenient way.