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By | March 7, 2016

keepass free password manager

Internet has grown so fast and its kind of hard to remember passwords by head these days. keepass is a free tool that you can use to store and manage all of your passwords offline for free. this free tool is a good alternative for password managers like roboform and lastpass. if you’re a person who dont believe internet cloud space to store passwords! this password manager is the best tool for you. keepass uses a AES and twofish encryption method to keep your passwords safe and it can store your password in your local hard drive. managing your passwords using keepass is so easy. you can use 1 master password to get access to all of your other passwords stored in the software. no one can open it without knowing your master password. portable app fans can download keepass free password manager as a zip file with the portable version inside. others

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free password manager to save and manage passwords on pc

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