Huawei Wear App for Talkband Colorband and Huawei Wearable Devices

By | May 25, 2016

huawei fitness tracker

Huawei wearable device owners should have huawei wear app on their smart phones to get the most out of their wearable devices.  Huawei wear fitness app can track workout time , amount of calories burned , sleep time and many more. This Android App is a must have for huawei colorband and talkband users. The huawei wear app is available for android on playstore and it is a simple straight forward app with all that you need in a single app. the tracking data on the app can be viewed daily or monthly formats and it can track your sleep time in an easy way. there is a disconnection reminder in this app to remind you everytime when it disconnects from your smart phone. this way you will know whether your huawei Wearable device is synced with the app or not.

fitness tracking

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Features of Huawei Wear Android App

  • Share your tracking data with your friends
  • Keep Track of your steps and amount of calories you burn
  • Monitor your sleep 
  • Smart Motion Timeline
  • Count Your Steps

Download Huawei Wear App From Google Play

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