how to know my hardware specifications ?

By | February 28, 2016

cpu z

Are you looking for a tool to see you hardware specs ?  there is a tool called CPU-Z to find your hardware information in the easy way. you dont have to open your computer and look in to your motherboard anymore. you can use this tool to check hardware details of your laptop and desktop computer.  this tool can give you information about your cpu , cache levels , memory , chipset , motherboard and many other details.  CPU-Z can come in handy if you want to buy a used laptop from classifieds and you have no idea what kind of hardware specs the seller is selling to you. you can take the setup file of this software and try it on the used laptop before you buy it. this way you wont end up buying a laptop that has low hardware specs.  you can use cpu z to benchmark your cpu with other famous cpus available in the market. cpu z got a pc version for desktop computers and a mobile version for android phones. make sure you download the right version to see your system information.

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