How to check whether your bluetooth headphone is original or fake

By | February 11, 2022

These days fake headphones, tws and headsets are widely available everywhere. it is not an easy job to find out whether your headphone is original or fake. most headphone users will try to figure out checking the package and hardware quality. today we are will tell you an easy way to find out this using an android app. bluetooth scanner is an android app you can install in your android phone to check whether your head phone is original or not. ( example :- fake xiaomi redmi airdot , fake wireless earbuds, fake jbl headphones , fake realme tws, fake sony headphones, etc )

here are the steps

  1. install bluetooth scanner on your android phone
  2. turn on bluetooth ( of course you should not forget this step )
  3. look for vendor information. fake bluetooth headphones will show any vendors. mostly it will get displayed as “unkown”
  4. you can check the mac address of your bluetooth head set on

Feel free to download Bluetooth Scanner from the link below

Download Bluetooth Scanner

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