Free screenshot software with image editing and upload option

By | March 17, 2016

shotty free screenshot software with image upload support

Shotty is a free screenshot capturing software with rich features. this free screenshot software can capture, edit and upload your images to an online image hosting site within seconds. you can configure shotty to work with you favorite image hosting site with its easy to manage settings. currently shotty supports  imageshack, directupload, imgur, uploadscreenshot and image.devs-on to upload you screenshots online. taking a screenshot from shotty is easy because it supports hotkeys and it can take screenshots with a click of a button. this free screenshot capturing software will run in your taskbar to give you easy access to screenshot capturing options. you can click on your mouse button and easily capture an area of your desktop by selecting the region you want to capture.

screenshot settings

screenshot by region and screen size


Shotty Supports full screen shots , screenshots of selected areas , window based screenshots (browser window, application window) and short cut based screenshots. this free tool wont consume too much ram because its small in size and it can capture your computer screen without any bells and whistles.

editing screenshot

screenshot editor

Features of Shotty Free Screenshot Software

  • It Free and you dont have to pay a single dim for it
  • Shotty supports multiple image hosting sites to upload your screenshots instantly
  • It has an image editor to edit, highlight and crop your screenshots
  • Shotty Support High Quality Screenshots
  • Shotty can capture screenshots with aero glass effects of your windows.
  • Shotty got a history option to check your uploaded screenshot history
  • Shotty supports windows operating system

Download Shotty Free Screenshot Capturing Software

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