Free php web server software for windows

By | March 13, 2016

xampp free websever for windows

Coders love to have a testing environment in their local pc to test php codes. its kind of hard to upload every single php file you code to a remote server and test your scripts. XAMPP is a free sever software that you can install on your windows to test your php codes locally. XAMPP comes with php and sql database. installing this free php server software is so easy and it comes with perl support as well.  xampp web server supports windows ,mac os and linux with an easy to use interface. installing xampp server is so easy and it requires minimal configuration. you can access your server from your local host without any problem. xampp works with local ip, lan ip and any wide area public ip if you configure it in the right way. the best way to host a site on this sever is to copy your site related files to the folder the sever configures as its primary web directory. it supports php,html,htm and many other web formats.

xampp web server

xampp free web server

sever xampp for free

Features of Free XAMPP Web Server

  • it supports php , sql and perl
  • it super easy to install and configure
  • xampp works with windows , linux and mac os
  • xampp free web server has built in apache web server
  • its one of the oldest php supported severs available for windows
  • there are so many xampp sever tutorials available in youtube
  • its a good alternative for wamp sever
  • xampp sever is free to use
  • xampp sever is a web server that works on your local ip
  • xampp is one of the best php development environments
  • this free sever software supports popular php apps like wordpress , drupal and joomla

Download XAMPP Free Web Sever For Windows

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