Free Office Package for Windows ( libreoffice )

By | December 24, 2016


Libre office is a free office package that you can use on your windows for your word processing and spread sheet work. this office package is completely free and its one of the best free office packages that you can download for your office related work. Libre Office has a still and fresh version and this software can do most of your office work just like Microsoft office. libre office supports windows , mac , linux as a cross platform supported office package and this free software is super powerful.  just like microsoft word this office package contains a word processing tool called write and a tool similar to power point called impress. this office package is super fun and super easy to use. this is a good free alternative for people who search for a free alternative for microsoft office.

Here are some examples of what comes with Libre Office

Libre Office Writer (Free Alternative for Word)


Libre Office Calc ( Free Alternative for Excel)


Libre Office Impress ( Free Alternative For Power Point )


Libre Office Draw


Libre Office Base


Libre Office Math


Download Libre Office For Free

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