Free Office Package for Mac OS

By | October 24, 2016


Every professional and individual need an office package in their system to do their regular tasks like writing documents , managing spreadsheet , making presentation and many more.  students and office workers use office on daily basis.  most office packages available in the market are paid softwares. NeoOffice is a free office that you can install on your mac os without paying any money. this office package is based on  open office and it works just any other office package available in the market.  you can make spread sheets , do word editing , create presentations , etc.


neooffice works perfectly on mac operating system and it has evolving in to a better product day by day with its updates. this is a clean software with everything you are expect from an office package. its someones personal choice to use microsoft office google doc or libre office. we believe Neooffice is pretty neat for mac os x users with everything in it.



Features of Free Neo Office for mac OS

  • Being able to open calculator and writer on launch menu
  • Restore your original document using browse all versions menu
  • Mac style highlighting
  • File Locking Option to safely edit documents
  • Mac service support
  • menu availability with no docs open
  • support for command clicking on mac

Download Neo Office Free Edition

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