Free lightweight utorrent alternative for windows

By | March 8, 2016

deluge free torrent client

Deluge is a free cross platform lightweight torrent client that works on windows , linux , mac os and bsd unix. this torrent client got an easy to use graphical use interface that supports torrent files and magnet url. just like any other torrent client you can use this free torrent client to download large and small files from torrent. this free bit torrent client can run in background and silently download your file once minimized. the simplicity of this torrent client makes this torrent client a good tool for those who search for simple tools to do their day to day downloads. you can check for download speed, peers, download time, file details and many other torrent details using the gui interface of this free torrent client. downloading from this torrent client is so easy because it has an option to drang and drop your favorite torrent file without manually browsing the file using  file browser. there are options to recheck torrent files and set upload and download speed limit in deluge. you can pause resume restart and delete torrent file with full data using deluges simple interface. managing this torrent client is super easy. this tool can be the best utorrent free alternative that can download and manage your torrent file collection in an easy way. deluge has a special feature compared to other torrent clients. this free torrent client got a plugin system and you can use it with many interesting plugins available for download.

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