Free Browser Based MIRC IRC Client Alternative

By | April 1, 2016

browser based free irc client

Are you fedup of searching for a free irc client with rich options ? KiwiIRC is a free browser based tool you can use to chat on internet relay chat. This Free Chat Client is a Good Alternative for IRC Chat Clients Like MIRC, HydraIRC, X-Chat, Chatzilla, KVirc and many other clients. the sleek clean user interface of KiwiIRC works fine with chrome and it can connect to any irc network by a click of a button. no one had browser based IRC clients few years back.

free browser based irc client

free irc client options

Features of KiwiIRC

  1. Theme Support
  2. Supports Chrome , Firefox , Safari and many other browsers
  3. Multi Language Support
  4. Works on desktop , smart phone and ipad
  5. Plugin Support
  6. Widgets for websites ( make your site visitors chat on irc )
  7. Script Support
  8. Different Text Styles

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