Free and Simple Evernote Alternative For Windows

By | April 16, 2016

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Are you looking for a free multi platform note taking software with simplicity , free syncing , free backups and free sharing ? Simplenote is a good evernote alternative for those who searching for a simple tool to take down notes on windows. using this free note software is super easy and it only takes minutes to learn how to use this software. simplenote supports windows , mac os , linux , web app, kindle fire and android smart phones. this software is capable of syncing your data to its site and give you access to the data from any device you use. we can call this a cloud system that gives access to all of your data in seconds.

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why should you use simple note to take notes ?

  • It gives you premium note taking options for free
  • Simplenote is a free evernote altenative
  • It stores your data on its cloud
  • You can make use Simplenote to stay organized and search notes via tags
  • you can edit and share notes with a friend
  • Simplenote supports live search
  • This can be the best backup tool for your text based notes
  • You can publish you notes online and share it with your friends
  • unpublish public notes and make it private one more time.

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So you’re impressed with simplenotes and not sure how you can make use of it in your day to day life ? dont worry we got some suggestions for you.

  1. you can use this note taking tools to make lists and reminders
  2. you can take notes when you’re in college or tuition
  3. you can create grocery list from simple notes and share it with your family members.
  4. you can write a story
  5. you can keep notes about new movies , office work , websites , telephone numbers etc
  6. write instructions and share it with your friends and family

Download Simplenote Free for Windows

Official Site of Simplenote

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