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By | January 1, 2017


Flashget download manager is one of the old and reliable download managers famous among file downloaders. you can make use of flashget to download files 6 to 10 times faster than your regular download speed. this download manager is easy to install and easy to manage. flashget got the ability to check your file for virus and spyware within minutes. this means you will be free from unwanted spyware because flashget will check it for you. the multi server hyper threading technology of flash get allows you to download your file super fast by splitting your files in to different sections. this can increase the speed of your file download and give you a very good download experience. when we talk about download managers we mostly think about http web downloads. flashget supports http, ftp , bittorrent , emule and  many other protocols.



Free Download managers are good for those who prefer to download and manage their files for free. flashget can give you can do all of this free for you with its file downloading technology. flahsget has a user friendly file management option and it allows you to create unlimited amount of categories in its platform. you can drag and drop files and rename files doing simple clicks. unlike other download managers flashget is not a resource hog. flashget is a free download manager that will consume very low amount of system resources. this means it wont drain your laptop battery by giving too much work to your cpu. flashget is a download tool every computer should have in their system.

Features of Flashget Free Download Manager

  1. Download with MHT technology (Multi server Hyper threading Transportation )
  2. Anti Virus Check
  3. Support for http, ftp ( file transfer protocol) , emule , Bittorrent Protocols
  4. User Friendly File Manager
  5. Download Files 6 to 10 times Faster

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