Fast Virtual Android Emulator for Windows

By | November 16, 2016


Fast android simulators can give you the best virtual andorid experience on your windows pc. you have come to the right place if your fedup of slow virtual android emulators that never worked on your pc. dorid4x will run smoothly on most slow windows machines and you can use it like a virtual android smart phone within your windows machine. android games and android apps will perfectly work on this android simulator and it even has a controller app for your android games. this means you can play the game on virtual android phone that lives in your windows system while controlling it through your real android phone. ( via the controller app) . droid4x virtual android simulator will allow you to browse the web , download app , access playstore and change settings just like any other android phone available in the market. ios users can make use of droid4xs subscription service to run virtual android on ios. droid4x is free on windows and it can be a great tool for android gamers , app developers and android users to test their favorite android apks and applications.



Features of Droid4x Virtual Android Emulator

  • its one of the fastest android simulator
  • works on windows and ios
  • it has better support for android gaming
  • separate controller for android gaming
  • easy to use virtual android interface
  • browse the using its android web browser
  • download apks within the vitural android platform
  • install apks
  • it has Google play
  • better compatibility with most android apps

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