Enhance your PC Sound with DFX Audio Enhancer

By | March 29, 2016

dfx audio enhancer

Are you looking for a tool to enhance your pc sound with multiple settings ? DFX Audio Enhancer can help you to make your pc sound better with its excellent features. You can make use of this sound booster to make your audio suitable for hiphop music , skype conversation , youtube and many other things. using dfx audio enhancer you can switch between sound profiles to get the best audio settings for the task you do. this tool can be a gem for people with faulty low quality audio hardware. getting a low end laptop with low sound can be frustrating. using this audio enhancer you can increase the sound quality and volume of a low end laptop up to a certain extent.

dfx audio enhancer for pc

Music lovers can use DFX audio enhancer to play music with different settings. the 3d sound feature of dfx audio enhancer is an excellent option for music lovers.  pc users with skype, pandora , netflix, itunes, lastfm, tunein , hulu , vlc player, spotify, windows media player and winamp can make use of this tool to get better sound performance on their system. playing a mp3 file on a dxf installed system is very different from playing a song on a normal system. you should try this tool at least 1 time to realize what sound enhancing means.

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People who cant increase the sound quality and sound settings on their browser can use this tool to listen to sound that comes from youtube videos with low sound. some youtubers record their video with low sound quality. dfx audio enhancer makes it possible for you to watch and listen these videos with its sound settings.

audio settings

What do you get with  DFX Audio Enhancer ?

  1. Easy to use interface with audio settings
  2. Hyperbass
  3. 3d Surround sound
  4. Ambience and Stereo Imaging
  5. Dynamic Boost
  6. Fidelity Restoration
  7. Advanced Sound Settings
  8. Good performance
  9. Pro Equalizers
  10. Two Different modes for speakers and head phones
  11. Beautiful skins for the software
  12. big and small interface

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