Download Microsoft Security Essentials – Free Virus Scanner From Microsoft

By | March 22, 2016

download microsoft security essentials

Are you searching for a  free anti virus software from microsoft ? think you found it here. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free anti virus software developed by Microsoft to do your daily virus scanning task. this free tool from microsoft can protect your pc against virus, spywares and bad malwares.  being a simple application this tool can run in background monitoring and scanning your system. updates are made automatically with no disturbance.

microsoft security essentials free

MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) works on most windows platforms with good efficiency. its a good idea to make use of this free anti virus software from Microsoft to keep your system free without spending a dim. microsoft has done a great job giving this tool free. Few years back microsoft had windows live onecare to protect your system against virus and trojans. MSE can completely replace live onecare with its great features. Microsoft security essentials consumes less systems resources when it comes to usage. MSE can watch your pc real time and block virus when new file is created or downloaded. this means you will be safe from files that you download from internet.

microsoft security essentials free download

Features of Microsoft Security Essentials

  • Real Time Protection Against Viruses, Trojans and Malware
  • Automatic Update
  • less resource usage
  • MSE is Free to use
  • it can silently run in background giving you maximum protection
  • Foreign Language Support Check Here
  • User friendly interface

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Free

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