Download Combofix Malware Scanner for windows

By | March 23, 2016


Combofix is a free malware scanner that you can use to hunt down malwares and virus in your windows pc. this free malware scanning tool is created by  sUbs and it can automatically detect and clean infected files in your system. Combofix is preferred by computer experts and tech support guys for its advanced options. if you’re not sure what you’re doing with this tool its better for you to seek help from a pro computer guy on cleaning detected files. this free malware scanning tool can delete files in recycle bin , internet cache and temp folder within seconds.  pc users who got 32bit and 64bit versions of windows wont have any issue using this program because this free malware scanner supports 32 and 64bit version windows.

combofix malware scanning utility

combofix scanning files

The author of combofix has done a great job creating this program.  feel free to donate him some money if you feel this program is useful for you. you can find his donate button on the bottom of his download page.


Download Combofix From From Their Official Site

Warning! Combofix takes no responsibility on your choice to download and use combofix and we recommend you to use combofix with an advanced user supervision. this tool is not made for beginners. 

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