Do a Fat 32 Format on Large Drives Using Fat 32 Formatter

By | May 29, 2016

format drives in fat 32

Some operating systems restrict you from formatting dives bigger than 32 gb in to fat 32. pc geeks and computer users want their drives in fat 32 format for so many reasons. using fat32formatter now you can format any large drive in to a fat 32 partition within minutes. now you dont have to worry about os restrictions on formatting drives. Fat 32 drive formatter is coded by tokiwa and its a open source software. you can start using this software without any installation. this is a very simple software with a straight forward user interface.  Fat 32 Formatter supports most windows operating system and you dont need any long help files to master this powerful tool.

fat 32 formatter

Features of Fat 32 Formatter

  1. Regardless of os restriction it allows you to format any large drive
  2. it can format drives larger than 32gb in to fat 32 format
  3. it has a simple easy to UI
  4. You Dont Have to Install it
  5. You dont need any dll files to run this software

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