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Mi Band 2 Function Button App

Mi band 2 is a very useful wrist band and now you can add more functions to its func button using this unofficial mi band 2 func button app. this app can simply set different settings to your mi bands function button. connect your mi band to this app using bluetooth and set different functions… Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Fit App For Mi Band and Mi Band 2

Do you like to stay fit with xiaomi ? now you can track everything using xiaomies mi fit app. this application can be used with xiaomi mi band and mi band 2. having a healthy life style is very important these days and the new technology of fitness bands help us to keep us informed… Read More »

Download Prisma Art Photo editor Apk for Android

The world famous image effect app prisma is now available for android. this app can generate artistic effects on photos captured from your smart phone. this app is still on beta and its released for iphone 1st. the effects available on prisma is amazing and it can make your photos look like a painting in… Read More »

Download Free Wallpaper for Android Phones from Zedge

Zedge is a cool app that you can use to download free wallpapers for your android phone. this mobile app got tons of beautiful wallpapers for you android phone with excellent quality. zedge is an android app where you can download wallpapers, ringtones and notifications tones for free. zedge allows you to download ringtones and… Read More »

Use Amazon Shopping Android App to Shop Online

Amazon Shopping App can help you to shop on amazon using your android smart phone. this app is pretty easy to use and it has most shopping features that you need. the app. you can log in to the app using your amazon account or login without an account to browser contents from amazon store.… Read More »

Huawei Wear App for Talkband Colorband and Huawei Wearable Devices

Huawei wearable device owners should have huawei wear app on their smart phones to get the most out of their wearable devices.  Huawei wear fitness app can track workout time , amount of calories burned , sleep time and many more. This Android App is a must have for huawei colorband and talkband users. The huawei… Read More »

Remote Control Your Computer with Android using Teamviewer

Do you know Teamviewer got an android version to remote control your desktop computer ? you can make use of teamviewers android app to have a remote desktop session with your pc. system administrators and network administrators used  laptops and client computers to control a remote host using teamviewer before the introduction of android. thanks… Read More »

Capture 3d Photos Using This Free Android App

World is going towards virtual reality and 3d technology in a speed we cant stop. here is a 3d photo capturing app that can capture your photos in 3d. this free android app is called Seene and it can can do wonders with its amazing 3 image capturing technology. All you need is an android… Read More »

Bt Notification App For U8 Smartwatch

are you looking for an android app to connect your u8 smartwatch with your android phone. make use of bt notification app to easily connect your android phone with your smart watch. the best way to download bt notification for your u8 smart watch is downloading it from playstore. getting it directly from playstore is… Read More »

An App to Test GPS on Your Android Phone

Are you a smart phone owner who is not sure whether your gps works accurate or not ? do you know you can test the gps hardware on your phone using gps test app ? you dont need any special technical skill to test gps using this app. test gps is super easy to use… Read More »