Capture 3d Photos Using This Free Android App

By | April 30, 2016

capture photos in 3d

World is going towards virtual reality and 3d technology in a speed we cant stop. here is a 3d photo capturing app that can capture your photos in 3d. this free android app is called Seene and it can can do wonders with its amazing 3 image capturing technology. All you need is an android phone with a built in camera to use Seene. Do you know this free app supports Google Cardboard ? this means you can view the 3d photo you took using a vr viewer like google cardboard.

Capturing a photo using Seene is super simple. just move your phone around the photo object in one direction to capture the object in 3d. You can view it in 3d by tilting your mobile once you’re done with photo capturing.

capture virtual reality pics

Features of Seene

  1. Take Photos in 3d
  2. Blur and Adjust Photos
  3. Make your pics beautiful by using filters
  4. Save Photos in High Resolution

Download Seene From Google Play

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