Bt Notification App For U8 Smartwatch

By | April 27, 2016

u8 watch android app

are you looking for an android app to connect your u8 smartwatch with your android phone. make use of bt notification app to easily connect your android phone with your smart watch. the best way to download bt notification for your u8 smart watch is downloading it from playstore. getting it directly from playstore is super easy and you can select your preferred version of bt notification app from playstore. this app can be searched as bluetooth notice on google play. when you open bluetooth notification it will show you a message asking you to enable it in accessibility settings. you can make use of this app to see call logs , notification from apps like whatsapp, telegram, facebook many other programs.

bt notification

the bt notification app can send almost all of your phone notification to your u8 smartwatch. you just have to enable bluetooth and get notified direct to your watch. you can make phone calls and answer phone calls via u8 watch via bluetooth. the watch can sync calendar, time and many other settings. this means you dont have to manually set your time on your u8 watch everytime when your watch run out of battery. the watch can sync the time on your phone and change the time for you automatically.

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How to use BT Notification

  1. Install BT Notification on your Smartphone
  2. Enable it in Accessibility Settings
  3. Use it with bluetooth
  4. Let it Communicate With Your U8 Watch

Download BT Notification App For U8 Smartwatch


21 thoughts on “Bt Notification App For U8 Smartwatch

  1. Thomas

    Does anybody know the PIN to use BT notification? Or how to get rid of this question. I can not work with the app.
    Thank you for your help.

  2. Robert Messmore

    Can anyone walk me through how to connect my U8 watch to my smart phone. What app should i use and how to find it and so on. I am elderly and really cant figure this out.

  3. Liviua Schacter

    Hello my name is mike lon and I just want to leave a quick comment here. I just discovered this Bt Notification App For U8 Smartwatch is excellent.

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