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Parted Magic Hard disk Management Software

Download Parted Magic Disk Management software to Partition , Recover Data , Disk cloning , Benchmarking and Disk Erasing. This powerful hdd management software can be used on windows to recover your important files that got deleted in your operating system. You can use Rufus to install parted magic on windows and ether can be used to install parted magic disk recovery software on mac os. This hdd recovery software is so powerful and it can handle various file partition formats like windows ntfs, ext 1 2 3 , fat 32, etc

Parted Magic Free Version is a verison most users search online to recover their hdd or ssd. This HDD Management tool can be used for disk cloning to have a copy of your hard disk in another drive. The Cloning function of Parted Magic will allow you to clone a full disk in to a single partition. The best part is you can use this partition image to restore your files in any new hdd or sdd in a new computer. The clone file can be saved on a hard drive , external server or NAS system.

Parted Magic comes with built in network support. you can use the network manager tool of parted magic to setup wifi and lan connection within few easy steps. Those who like to browse internet can use the internal web browser to browse the web online. even though you think these things are not so important these tools can come in handy when you dont have access to windows due to partition problems.

Partitioning your hard disk using parted magic is one of the important things you can do using parted magic software. You can partition your hard disk in to different segments that has different file systems to install multiple operating systems within one single hard disk. this feature is good for those who want to install windows and another operating system like linux on a single hard drive.

Download Parted Magic Disk Management Software

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker Software Free Download Latest Version

Scribbr is a Plagiarism checking software you can use to to check plagiarism online with easy steps. This Powerful Plagiarism tool can be used on windows operating system after downloading it within windows. Scribbr can be used for free if you’re not interested in getting a full report. The Free version of Scribbr wont show you any full report online. You really need to Download the full version of Scribbr to see Full Reports. Scribbr has ranked as one of the best plagiarism checking software available online in year 2022 because scribbr provides an excellent service to its users.

The Accuracy of Scribbr makes it one of the best softwares to check plagiarism online. Scibber can detect words that has plagiarism within seconds. This Plagiarism checking too is downloaded by studenst , teachers , college students and university graduates to check plagiarism on their college project. The Plagiarism report can be downloaded as a pdf file on scribbr after analyzing words and phrases on its platform.

Getting the scribbr plagiarism checker software crack for free download is not something you can do easily. we always suggest you to use the original software without anyway crack to get a good working copy of scribber to run it free as much as you want. These powerful softwares can help you with plagiarism checking without having to install any extra addos or extensions. Downloading the Latest Version of Scribbr Plagiarism Checking Software is Really important if you deal with Plagiarism related articles full time.

Important Features of Scribbr Plagiarism Checking Software

  • Similar words are highlighted with a color
  • Being able to compare your written text with original article side by side
  • Support for multiple formats
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Option to import and export data
  • Built in Spell Checker
  • customizable detailed report
  • wide range of sources to check plagiarism
  • Check Grammar
  • Check Punctuation
  • Cloud based Plagiarism Checking Option
  • Check APA citation
  • Mass uploading feature
  • external source support
  • Smart Citation Forms
  • Tips on Citations

Download Scribbr

Download Tiktok Videos Online without Watermark

Tiktok is a famous social media app among people who prefer to engage with short videos and live contents. Content creators love to download tiktok videos in to their local device to view offline without any internet. Downloading tiktok videos could be challenging if you dont have the right tool. The good news is now there are various online tools available to download tiktok contents online instantly without taking too much time. Snaptik allows you to download videos by copy pasting the tiktok url in to their system. You can download tiktok videos for free without any watermark by using snaptiks tiktok video download tool.

When you download tiktok videos from snaptik you will come to know it can download your tiktok video in high quality without putting down the video quality. This cross platform tiktok downloader can download tiktok videos from pc, android , ios and browser.

how to download tiktok videos online ?

  • Visit this tiktok app from your favorite device ( example :- pc , android device , mac )
  • Choose the video you want to download on tiktok
  • Click on share and Get the url of your favorite tiktok video
  • Click on Copy URL
  • Come back to your tiktok video downloading online app
  • Paste the url you copied from tiktok
  • Click on Download

Download Tiktok without Watermark for Free

Download Instagram Display Picture Online

Are you looking for a way to download ig dp picture online ? now you have the option to download ig dp pic online almost instantly. igdownloader is an instagram profile pic downloader available online that you can use to download pics from instagram profiles online. This is one of the best ways to download profile pictures from instagram online. Use igdownloader to download instagram dp in high quality without losing the photo quality. Downloading full size pictures from instagram is a good photo download option you can get in this web based application. igdownloader supports downloading photos and videos from ig reels , igtv and ig profile within minutes.

Saving public profile pictures has become a common thing these days because most ig users know how to save profile pictures from instragram using web apps. The Downloaded ig dp will automatically saved in your computer when you use igdownloader to download ig dp pic.

Download Instagram DP Online

Download Minecraft Full Version for Windows PC

Minecraft is an open world game you can play on multiple platforms. here we are focusing on Minecraft for windows operating system. This sandbox is the one of the most popular games among gamers who love to do creative things. Downloading minecraft is the 1st the step you can do to get hands on experience and hours of entertainment with the game characters inside minecraft. Those who wish to play mincraft for free can login and explore it free without having to install any additional addons or plugins. Gamers who play minecraft will get a 3d gaming environment to explore in sandbox mode. Minecraft is a suitable game for you if you’re in to sandbox open world games. we can say minecraft is the best choice for those who like to spend hours of time exploring places in a 3 dimensional world.

Minecraft comes in different variaties like Story Mode,Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Legend and Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft fans can experience all of these variaties to get the maximum of minecraft game. Minecraft is still valid in year 2022 as an open world sandbox game that can give you hours of entertainment. Apart from gaming minecraft is also used to demonstrate presentations , structures, etc. We can say this is one the best games you can play without any doubt. The best part of minecraft is getting the option to explore the game without sticking with game missions and tasks. you have the freedom to play this however you want. Minecraft works on windows 10 , windows 11 , mac os , android and linux operating system. You are free to play different versions of minecraft on multiple operating systems.

Download Minecraft for Windows Operating System

Steamunlocked Among Us for Mac OS

Among us is an interesting game you can play on your mac os device with one install. This games comes with an interesting characters that can give you hours of entertainment. Among us Mac OS game can be played single and multiplayer with amazing graphic and sound effects. Those who wish to play Steamunlocked Among US can play this game in their local WIFI without having to lag on the internet. those who have a broadband connection can easily play this game via the internet.

Among us has a great map that you can explore and roam around. This is a game where you can play and enjoy within minutes. the learning curve of this game is easy going and you will pick it up without going through any tough tutorials. Gamers around the world love to play Among us for free because Among us is obviously an interesting game every gamer in this planet should experience. Those who know how to play among us on mac os are expert gamers and they know this game can give them hours of entertainment.

How to Play Among US on Mac OS

Activate windows 10 using KMS Auto Net Activator

Kms auto is a feature rich activator software you can use to activate windows 10 in simple steps. Windows 10 users with limited technical skills can use this activator to activate windows without going through any hard steps. KMSauto comes with multiple versions to activate your windows operating system. we suggest you to use the latest version of kms auto windows activator to activate your windows. Students with limited budget in college require something like to get windows activated in their personal laptop.

Activating your windows with KMS auto is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is restarting your windows device after activating activating it via kms auto light. we suggest you to use the latest version to activate your windows operating system. This software still works on 2022 to activate your windows without any problem.

Here are the windows activation steps you need to know

1. Download KMS windows activation software

2. Open the KMS activation file and Install it

3. Launch the KMS activation file activate your windows

4. Restart your Windows 10 operating system after activation

Download KMS Auto Activator For Windows

Nuendo12 for Mac Full Version Free Download

Nuendo 12 is a powerful software tool sound designers , dialog editors and dubbing and mixing engineers would prefer to use. This ( A. I ) artificial engineering powered software can help audio professionals to create high quality audio without requiring any 3rd party tools.

Download Nuendo for mac os to edit audio in your mac hardware without requiring to install any other addons. nuendo steinberg is the tool you need to edit audio in professional level. Getting Nuendo 12 for free could be a good choice if you can get the full version with all features you require. look at the list below to know what kind of features you can get from nuendo 12 on Mac

Here are some Features of Nuendo You should Know

Automatic dialog replacement System Option
Support for AFF
Support for Game Audio
Composing Options
Post Production Feature
Virtual reality and A.I features
Exporting and Delivery Option
Selection of Effects
Sound Options

Looping Option

Recording Option
Sound Panning and Mixing Option
Sound Designing feature
Ability to Merge products

Loops and Presets

Free virtual number for sms verification

Are you one of those guys who is looking for a virtual phone number to verify your signup in a site you dont want to expose your privacy ? sms verification is a common method most sites use to verify you when you make an account in their site. luckily now you have the choice of using a virtual mobile number to verify you registration without going through complex steps. quackr is a site where you can get temporary number to get sms verified instantly. SMS numbers ( text numbers ) here are updated every month and its totally free. you dont have to go through any signup procedures to get disposable text number here.

Temporary Phone Number for SMS Verification

Mac OS Ventura Version 13

Mac OS Ventura is a mac operating system most mac os users are waiting to install. This feature rich os comes with stage manager , improved search , enhanced photo search and a new search design. Mac OS Ventura users will see improvement on other apps like facetime , system settings design etc.

Do you know you can use your iphone as a camera in mac os ventura ? All you need to do is bring your iphone closer to your device that has mac os ventura and it will automatically use your iphone camera as a webcam wirelessly. This feature can be very useful for most mac os users.

Improved search , improved mail management and ability to undo sent mails is a good feature you get in mac os ventura. even imessages on mac os will allow you to edit and unsend sent messages. Facetime users will have the option to transfer facetime calls from one mac device to another.

Who said mac os is not for gamers ? mac os ventura will give you accelerated performance and fast loading time on your mac device. Features like share play will allow you to connect and play multiplayer games in a convenient way.