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Extract Compressed Files Online

Are you looking for a tool to extract compressed files online ? now you can easily uncompress files using ezyzips online service. today we have online tools for almost anything. ezyzip can extract zip files , rar files , 7z files , iso files , tar files , jar files and many other compression formats. ezyzip can even convert your files in to other compression formats.

Compress and Extract Files Online

Free Easy to Play Browser Based Game for Low End PCs

krunker is an easy to play browser based game that you can play on low end pcs and laptops. krunker is a Multiplayer game that you can play without downloading any heavy softwares. just like other multiplayer games you can select your favorite server to get a good multiplayer gaming experience. pro and newbie games can host a game if they are capable of hosting it at their end. Krunker can give you an excellent 1st person experience without lagging your hardware. Gamers can easily find tutorials for this browser based game on youtube.

Play Krunker Online

Smooth Music Player for Android Phones by Xioami

Mi music is a music player you can play various music formats in your android phone. you need to install this from play store if you dont own a xioami phone. this feature rich music player is one of the best music players you can use on your android phone. podcast lovers and audiobook fans can download their favorite audio files to their phone and play it free on their android phone. mi music player can play more than 25 formats. Mi music player can be the best mp3 player. Those who prefer an offline mp3 player can make use of mi music player to play songs, downloaded podcasts and music even when their phone screen is off. mi music player got a online music playing option for those who like to stream music directly from the internet.

Download Mi Music Player

Browser with built in adblock for mobile

Adblock browser is a clean browser that can give you a smooth browsing experience in your android mobile phone. we all know its ok to have one or two ads in a website when you browser through it. ads can be a problem when the website show you too many ads without allowing you to experience the website properly. adblock browser is a mobile web browser that can easily block all of those annoying ads. this browser is a good alternative for adblock plus

Download Adblock Browser for Free

How to check whether your bluetooth headphone is original or fake

These days fake headphones, tws and headsets are widely available everywhere. it is not an easy job to find out whether your headphone is original or fake. most headphone users will try to figure out checking the package and hardware quality. today we are will tell you an easy way to find out this using an android app. bluetooth scanner is an android app you can install in your android phone to check whether your head phone is original or not. ( example :- fake xiaomi redmi airdot , fake wireless earbuds, fake jbl headphones , fake realme tws, fake sony headphones, etc )

here are the steps

  1. install bluetooth scanner on your android phone
  2. turn on bluetooth ( of course you should not forget this step )
  3. look for vendor information. fake bluetooth headphones will show any vendors. mostly it will get displayed as “unkown”
  4. you can check the mac address of your bluetooth head set on

Feel free to download Bluetooth Scanner from the link below

Download Bluetooth Scanner

Free Driver Updater for Windows Laptop

It could be frustrating when you dont find the right driver for your windows laptop online. searching for a driver manually could take too much time. Snappy Driver is a free tool that you can use to search drivers automatically. All you need to do is download their free program and search for drivers in it. this program will do the hard work for you. Snappy driver installer can find you drivers your windows update cant. it can also find you hard to find old drivers that you thought you will never find. the portable version of snappy driver installer comes in handy for those who prefer portable files. windows users can take snappy driver installer in a usb drive to any place that has no internet access. now you dont have to do the hard work anymore. snappy driver installer will find you the driver you need.

Download Snappy Driver

1Tb alternative for Google Photos

We all know google photos will stop its free unlimited storage from june 1st. you must be wondering where you should store all that photos you have in your mobile gallery without filling your phone memory. now you can get free 1Tb storage from terabox to store all of your photos and files. this is the best solution you can get so far. you can use terabox beteween different platforms like android , pc and ios.

you can visit terabox from the following link

How to change the default Browser on Pocophone F1

how to change your default browser on pocophone

Are you searching for a way to change your default browser on your pocophone ? You came to the right place if you want to do it in your xioami pocophone f1. we understand its kind of tricky to find this option on your phone. here is a simple way to change your default browser on pocophone. yes now you can make chrome your default browser on your pocophone with these simple steps

here are the steps

Open Settings —> App —> Manage Apps —> Now Tap the three dots on your top right —> default app—-> now change browser App to Chrome ( or any of your favorite mobile browsers )

make chrome your default browser on chrome

How to check who is stealing my WIFI

how to check who is using my wifi

Wireless network watcher is a desktop software that you can use to check who is connected to your wifi network. you can check currently connected devices using network watcher. this tool can come in handy when you want to check who is sucking your wifi. unethical people can connect to your wifi network and take a portion of your internet for their personal use. this is unacceptable and no one should be doing this to your internet connection.

how can i check who is connected to my wifi

wireless network watcher can show you how many nodes are connected to your wifi network with ip , devie name and mac address. you are even able to save this info in to a text file for your own reference. the software is lightweight and wont slow down your computer while trying to find who is connected to your wifi network.

features of wireless network watcher

light weight and user friendly
its small in size
its fast
it does the job
you can export the node list in to a simple html file
it will show you who is connected to your access point ( wirless router )

Download Wireless Network Watcher

Free Ringtone Maker for Windows


Ringtone makers can convert your favorite music file in to a ring tone. have you ever wondered what it means to have your favorite Justine briber song as a ring tone in your smart phone. free ring tone maker can easily convert your mp3 music in to a ring tone within minutes. this is a tool every ring tone lover should have in their smart phone. free mp 3 ringtone maker supports most windows operating system and its not very hard to learn how this software works. these days every person wants a ring tone in their phone and they want to do it within minutes. song lovers can make use of this tiny little to make ringtones with their favorite songs. this free ring tone make is completely free and it can do you ring tone making job with no errors. this ring tone maker got a setup and portable version. the portable version is super easy to use and you can take it with you in a pen drive where ever you go.  there are so many ring tone makers for android and ios. people who use windows platform can now make ring tones without leaving their laptop using this free ring tone making app for windows



Features of Free Ring Tone Maker

  1. create ring tones from mp3 files
  2. make a ring tone out from the part you select in your song
  3. listen to ringtones that you create using this tool
  4. add effects to your ring tone ( example:- fade in and fade out effects )
  5. convert mono music to stereo
  6. cut songs and music in to ring tones

Download Free Ring Tone Maker