An App to Test GPS on Your Android Phone

By | April 26, 2016

gps test android app

Are you a smart phone owner who is not sure whether your gps works accurate or not ? do you know you can test the gps hardware on your phone using gps test app ? you dont need any special technical skill to test gps using this app. test gps is super easy to use and it can test your gps within minutes.

gps testing application

Options of This GPS Testing App

  • it can show you gps signals in a bar chart and show you how strong is the signal for each¬†satellite
  • it can discover the accuracy of your gps device
  • it can show satellite positions in a sky view
  • it can show your current location in a world map
  • it can show you¬†sunrise and sunset time
  • it can detect speed
  • it can detect your local time zone
  • it supports many android devices

Download GPS Test App From Google Play


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