6 Free anti virus softwares for windows

By | March 16, 2016

free virus scanners for windows pc

There are plenty of free virus scanners that can match the quality of paid virus scanners. staying updated is really important when it comes to virus scanners. free virus scanners with regular updates can keep you system clean from virus and other bloatware. a system without a virus scanner is just like a gold shop without a security guard. people who do online transactions a lot should always keep their system free with the most reliable virus scanner. using a computer system for business without a virus scanner can be dangerous. hackers can exploit your system in minutes if you dont have a proper virus scanner. there are hackers who use keyloggers and trojans to hack in to your system. you should be really careful when you’re downloading an exe file from internet. there are many ways to distribute trojans and virus through an interesting exe file.

Here Are The Free Virus Scanners You’re Looking For

Avast Free Virus Scanner

avast free virus scanner

Avast Free Virus Scanner used by more than 320 million people world wide. Being a light weight virus scanner avast can protect your pc from virus, trojans, unwanted browser extensions. the new forget password feature of avast is an excellent option you can use to login anywhere using a single master password.

Download Avast Free Virus Scanner


Avira Free Virus Scanner

Avira Free Virus Scanner

Avira is an award winning free virus scanner with many features. this free software can protect your windows system from virus , trojans , malware , spyware and worms. the cloud scanning option of avira can detect possible threats in an advanced way.  avira can block browser tracking spywares and keep your system free from harmful contents online.

Download Avira Free Virus Scanner


AVG Free Virus SCanner

avg anti virus free download

AVG is a free virus scanner with anti virus and anti malware functions. this free virus scanner can keep your windows pc safe from dangerous files with virus and malware. AVG can work as an online shield to protect your system from harmful contents online and it has a special link protection option to scan twitter , fb and other social media links. the remote scan option allows you to scan your windows system remotely using a mobile device. this means you can easily scan and remove virus files on your pc using your smart phone.

Download AVG Free Edition


Bitdefender Free Virus Scanner

bitdefender free virus scanner

Yes you heard it right! Bitdefender got a free version for those who want to use it free. being the pc mag editors choice bitdiffender is one of the best anti virus softwares you can find in the market. unlike the old heavy memory consuming bitdifender the new bitdefender is extremely light weight and more effective. many virus scanner bench marking sites have given good ranking for bitdifender after comparing it with many other free virus scanners available online. the free edition of bitdefender is the 1st free virus scanner to be compatible with windows 8 and win 8.1. gamers love bitdefender for its pause option. computer gamers hate it when virus scanners scan files during the time they get busy with a game. this can slow down game play. bitdefender is inteligent enough topause scanning until you exit from your game.

Download Bitdefender Free Edition


Panda Security Free Virus Scanner

panda security free virus scanner

Panda virus scanner is a virus scanner used by more than 30 million people. this virus scanner can secure your system with the minimal device impact. this means you wont even notice panda is working in your background. the free version of windows is easy to setup and it comes with many rich options that you find in paid virus scanners.  being super fast and light weight panda can do its job without slowing down your windows system.

Download Panda Virus Scanner (Free Edition)


Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

lavasoft free adware and virus scanner

Lavasofts AdAware Free Antivirus+ free virus scanner is an anti virus combined with anti spyware. being able to detect virus, spyware and ad ware in one tool is the best option you can find in present day virus scanners. this free anti virus scanner got many options you need to get your self safe when you’re using your windows system.Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ updates its database on harmful url frequently. this means you it can protect you from many harmful sites and keep you virus free. this free anti virus software has got more than 450 million downloads and trusted by millions of people around the world. this software the best tool you can use to protect your system from virus, adware and hacker attacks. ad-aware can scan your system real time to give you the maximum protection. gamers can use the game mode of ad-aware to keep their system fast while playing a pc game. this means you can play your favorite game and watch your favorite movie without getting interputed by the virus scanner.

Download Ad-Aware Free Anti Virus Scanner


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    Excellent Post bro.. I think bitdefender is the best out of the 6 as it is the only antivirus which uses the least amount of resources.. Both avira and avast are not very popular when it comes to system performance 😉

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