2 Sites to Make your Image Background Transparent Online

By | April 2, 2016

photo with transparent sections

Are you looking for a free tool to make make your photo background transparent online ? you can make use of clippingmagic and lunapics to remove the background of your photo and make it completely transparent. you need special graphic editing skills to do this in professional photo editing tools photoshop and painshop pro. we understand people these days dont have enough time to master new pro softwares to their day to day simple tasks. using these sites you can crop select the background you want to remove by colour , selection and many other options. you dont need special skills to make one portion of your image transparent using these online tools.

Check how we made this Image background transparent using lunapics  http://recordit.co/e1pnYHo9Pi

here is the gif version of our screen recording http://i.imgur.com/BwS6snn.gif


how to make a background of an image transparent

transparent background image


Stock photo Sellers, Graphic Designers , Studio Owners and Logo Designers can make use of these tool to make some areas of their photos in simple steps. few years back people only had the option to do this task using a professional tool like photoshop. online tools are getting powerful day by day and now we can do most of our editing task without leaving our web browser. there are options to fill your background with a your favorite color if you want to fill the transparent area with a signle color. these online tools are super powerful and easy to use.

# Make your photo background transparent using Lunapics ( Completely Free )

Lunapics Photo Editor

# Make your photo background transparent using clippingmagic ( Not Free )

Clipping Magic






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