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1Tb alternative for Google Photos

We all know google photos will stop its free unlimited storage from june 1st. you must be wondering where you should store all that photos you have in your mobile gallery without filling your phone memory. now you can get free 1Tb storage from terabox to store all of your photos and files. this is the best solution you can get so far. you can use terabox beteween different platforms like android , pc and ios.

you can visit terabox from the following link

How to change the default Browser on Pocophone F1

how to change your default browser on pocophone

Are you searching for a way to change your default browser on your pocophone ? You came to the right place if you want to do it in your xioami pocophone f1. we understand its kind of tricky to find this option on your phone. here is a simple way to change your default browser on pocophone. yes now you can make chrome your default browser on your pocophone with these simple steps

here are the steps

Open Settings —> App —> Manage Apps —> Now Tap the three dots on your top right —> default app—-> now change browser App to Chrome ( or any of your favorite mobile browsers )

make chrome your default browser on chrome

How to check who is stealing my WIFI

how to check who is using my wifi

Wireless network watcher is a desktop software that you can use to check who is connected to your wifi network. you can check currently connected devices using network watcher. this tool can come in handy when you want to check who is sucking your wifi. unethical people can connect to your wifi network and take a portion of your internet for their personal use. this is unacceptable and no one should be doing this to your internet connection.

how can i check who is connected to my wifi

wireless network watcher can show you how many nodes are connected to your wifi network with ip , devie name and mac address. you are even able to save this info in to a text file for your own reference. the software is lightweight and wont slow down your computer while trying to find who is connected to your wifi network.

features of wireless network watcher

light weight and user friendly
its small in size
its fast
it does the job
you can export the node list in to a simple html file
it will show you who is connected to your access point ( wirless router )

Download Wireless Network Watcher

Free Ringtone Maker for Windows


Ringtone makers can convert your favorite music file in to a ring tone. have you ever wondered what it means to have your favorite Justine briber song as a ring tone in your smart phone. free ring tone maker can easily convert your mp3 music in to a ring tone within minutes. this is a tool every ring tone lover should have in their smart phone. free mp 3 ringtone maker supports most windows operating system and its not very hard to learn how this software works. these days every person wants a ring tone in their phone and they want to do it within minutes. song lovers can make use of this tiny little to make ringtones with their favorite songs. this free ring tone make is completely free and it can do you ring tone making job with no errors. this ring tone maker got a setup and portable version. the portable version is super easy to use and you can take it with you in a pen drive where ever you go.  there are so many ring tone makers for android and ios. people who use windows platform can now make ring tones without leaving their laptop using this free ring tone making app for windows



Features of Free Ring Tone Maker

  1. create ring tones from mp3 files
  2. make a ring tone out from the part you select in your song
  3. listen to ringtones that you create using this tool
  4. add effects to your ring tone ( example:- fade in and fade out effects )
  5. convert mono music to stereo
  6. cut songs and music in to ring tones

Download Free Ring Tone Maker

Flashget Free Fast Download Manager


Flashget download manager is one of the old and reliable download managers famous among file downloaders. you can make use of flashget to download files 6 to 10 times faster than your regular download speed. this download manager is easy to install and easy to manage. flashget got the ability to check your file for virus and spyware within minutes. this means you will be free from unwanted spyware because flashget will check it for you. the multi server hyper threading technology of flash get allows you to download your file super fast by splitting your files in to different sections. this can increase the speed of your file download and give you a very good download experience. when we talk about download managers we mostly think about http web downloads. flashget supports http, ftp , bittorrent , emule and  many other protocols.



Free Download managers are good for those who prefer to download and manage their files for free. flashget can give you can do all of this free for you with its file downloading technology. flahsget has a user friendly file management option and it allows you to create unlimited amount of categories in its platform. you can drag and drop files and rename files doing simple clicks. unlike other download managers flashget is not a resource hog. flashget is a free download manager that will consume very low amount of system resources. this means it wont drain your laptop battery by giving too much work to your cpu. flashget is a download tool every computer should have in their system.

Features of Flashget Free Download Manager

  1. Download with MHT technology (Multi server Hyper threading Transportation )
  2. Anti Virus Check
  3. Support for http, ftp ( file transfer protocol) , emule , Bittorrent Protocols
  4. User Friendly File Manager
  5. Download Files 6 to 10 times Faster

Download Flashget Download Manager

Free Office Package for Windows ( libreoffice )


Libre office is a free office package that you can use on your windows for your word processing and spread sheet work. this office package is completely free and its one of the best free office packages that you can download for your office related work. Libre Office has a still and fresh version and this software can do most of your office work just like Microsoft office. libre office supports windows , mac , linux as a cross platform supported office package and this free software is super powerful.  just like microsoft word this office package contains a word processing tool called write and a tool similar to power point called impress. this office package is super fun and super easy to use. this is a good free alternative for people who search for a free alternative for microsoft office.

Here are some examples of what comes with Libre Office

Libre Office Writer (Free Alternative for Word)


Libre Office Calc ( Free Alternative for Excel)


Libre Office Impress ( Free Alternative For Power Point )


Libre Office Draw


Libre Office Base


Libre Office Math


Download Libre Office For Free

Free Ftp Client for Windows


Ftp clients are important for webmasters who wants to upload files in to their web server. filezilla is a free open source ftp client that can do this task in a smoother way. webmasters and web developers can make use of filezilla to upload their files to web server within minutes. this free ftp client has a dedicated forum for support with advanced and beginner level ftp users actively posting in it. filezilla got a server version for those who want to run ftp servers in their system and a client version for webmasters who wants to upload contents to their web server. file transfer protocol is used to transfer files in filezilla and this is the best method to transfer files in to your web server. this free ftp software supports different transfer modes when it comes to transferring files. filezilla can transfer your files in binary modes and other different modes. you can easily drag and drop your files in to your server using filezilla within minutes. this tool supports huge files and you can upload big sized files with pause and resume support. dont you think this is an excellent feature for webmasters with bad broadband ?



Filezilla offers you premium service for free being a free ftp client. we can say this is one of the best free ftp softwares  available in the market. cross platform support and support for ip version 6 is an excellent feature that you can find in this free ftp tool. filezilla is available in so many languages and you can select you favorite language when using filezilla in your system. the directory structure within filezilla allows you to manage your server files in a user friendly way with drang and drop support.  this free tool supports ftp, ssl, ftps and ssh protocols to securely transfer your files in to your server, proxy lovers can configure their proxy ip in to filezilla to upload files via proxy. filezilla is a free ftp client that allows remote file editing. this means you can make use of this free ftp software to remotely edit files on your server.

Features of FileZilla Free FTP Software

  1. User friendly interface
  2. FTP , FTPS and SSH support
  3. Available is so many different languages
  4. User Friendly Site and File Manager
  5. User Friendly Directory Structure on FTP
  6. Proxy Support on FTP
  7. Open Different FTP sessions in Different Tabs
  8. Easy FTP configuration wizard
  9. Allows you to bookmark sessions
  10. Cross platform support

Download Filezilla FTP Client

Run Skype with No Crash and No Stuck in Windows 10


Do you have a crashing skype ? it can be frustrating to see your favorite video call software skype getting stuck in windows 10. the reason for this is skype having compatibility issues. the traditional skype has issues with some windows 10 machines. the you might notice skype getting stuck in startup and crashing down on unexpected times.  it can be annoying to see your favorite voice over ip application getting stuck like this. some predict its the firewall and some put the blame on virus scanners. before you pocket out your money and time on expensive troubleshooting we suggest you to try this simple trick to make skype smooth again. this could be a compatibility issue. this is how you do it.


Follow These Simple Steps

  1. search for “run programs” in your windows 10 start menu
  2. select “run programs made for previous versions of windows”
  3. click next and select skype
  4. select try recommended settings
  5. test compatibility settings to the program ( make sure skype is open when you do this )
  6. and select save this settings for this program




Mi Band 2 Function Button App


Mi band 2 is a very useful wrist band and now you can add more functions to its func button using this unofficial mi band 2 func button app. this app can simply set different settings to your mi bands function button. connect your mi band to this app using bluetooth and set different functions to with simple steps. this android app for your function button allows you to add different functionalities for single tap , double tap and triple tap. you can even set different functions for different gestures you make with your hand when the mi band is on your wrist. music lovers can set settings for their music player using this app. this means they can start , pause and skip tracks using mi band after they configure their favorite music app using mi band 2 func buton app. there are so many settings you can set to your mi band 2 button using this tool and we are focusing only some of it here. setting time and vibration on your smart phone is another cool function you can do with this android app. this app allows you to reply to calls and send different commands to tasker on your phone. every mi band user should try this app to get the maximum out of their mi bands func button.



Features of Mi Band 2 Func Button App

  • set different functions for single tap, double tap and triple tap
  • enable and disable vibration mode on phone
  • pick up and cut calls
  • adjust the sound of your android device
  • being able to send different commands to tasker of your smart phone
  • play, stop , pause and skip tracks on android music player
  • etc

Mi band 2 func button app

Software to Check The Life Time of Hard Drive


we need to know our hard disks life time to check for how long we can use our hard drive. this info can be useful when you important data on your hard drive that you should backup. imagine having all of your important data on a dying hard disk ? crystal disk info is a small tool that can determine the life time of your hard drive by the power on time of your hard disk. people who buy old laptops can make use of this info to determine for how long the laptop have been used by the hdd usage of the laptop. this free software is an award winning software and it can do your task perfectly. checking your hard disks life time is really important in the long run. every hdd have a cycle time and many hard disks can survive for so many years. regular hdd drives are more vulnerable than ssd drives. ssd  hard drives works like a memory card, tradition hard drives stores completely different from solid state drives and you need to care it more than ssd.



Disk Info Tool can show you a collection of useful info about your hard disk health and its super easy to check for how many hours your hard disk have been used from the day of purchase. open disk info software and check the right side corner to see the power on count and power on hours of your hard drive, this free tool can show you your hard drive name connection type and many other important details.

Features of Disk Info Software

  • Check the life time of your hard disk
  • Check the Total Power on Time of your hard drive
  • Check The Total Power on Hours of your hard disk
  • Check Your Hard Drives Temperature
  • Check Hard Drives Health Status
  • Check Hard Dive Serial Number
  • Check Hard Drive RPM Rate (Rotation Rate)
  • Check Hard Drive Firmware
  • Check Read Error Rate , Spin up time, Power Cycle Count
  • Check Hard Drive Transfer Mode